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Right-Size Government Ed Mangano Cuts Over $200 Million in Wasteful Government Spending

Saved $150 Million Annually by Reducing the WorkforceSaved $26 Million Annually with NICE BusSaved $6 Million Annually in Inmate Health Care

Through reform and hard work, Nassau County is back on the road to recovery. By cutting $200 million in wasteful spending, we were able to declare war on taxes, not just by preventing them from going up but by fighting to bring them down.

– County Executive Edward P. Mangano

At a time when families throughout Nassau County are cutting back, it is time for government to do the same. That is why Nassau County Executive Ed Mangano has cut over $200 million in wasteful spending – the equivalent of a 25 percent property tax increase had these spending cuts not been made.

Ed Mangano has:

  • Saved $240 million in labor costs by reducing the workforce by 1,776 positions and freezing government salaries;
  • Saved over $33 million annually by implementing a public-private-partnership with NICE Bus;
  • Saved over $18 million annually by cutting 33% of patronage jobs added by his predecessor;
  • Saved $7.5 million in energy costs annually by simply creating competition among providers;
  • Saved $7 million annually by implementing a public-private-partnership for inmate health care at the jail;
  • Saved $4 million annually by consolidating over 10 departments into 4; and
  • Saved $1 million annually in telephone costs by eliminating unnecessary lines.

Although the Mangano administration has reduced the workforce by 1,776 positions, consolidated numerous departments and implemented two successful public-private partnerships — one for inmate health care services and another for operation of the local bus system — there is still work to be done!

County Executive Mangano will continue his efforts to right-size government, keeping the taxpayers best interest in mind.