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Nassau County Independence Party Endorses Ed Mangano for County Executive


Nassau County Independence PartyThe Nassau County Independence Party today announced the endorsement of Edward P. Mangano for County Executive. Mr. Mangano, a Republican, is seeking reelection to the position of Nassau County Executive in the upcoming November 2013 election.

Nassau County Independence Party Chairman Rick Bellando stated, “The Independence Party endorses for Ed Mangano for his record of freezing property taxes, cutting government waste and creating thousands of new jobs. Ed Mangano has truly demonstrated a commitment to protecting taxpayer’s wallets and helping build a better Nassau County in this Post-Hurricane Sandy world. I urge residents to vote for Ed Mangano on the Independence Party line this November 5th.”

In 2009, Ed Mangano was elected County Executive due to his pledge to repeal taxes. Upon taking office, Ed Mangano repealed the County Home Energy Tax on electric, oil and natural gas. Ed Mangano also eliminated 16.5% in property tax hikes planned by the prior administration, as well as a County tax on food.

Since taking office as County Executive, Ed Mangano has frozen property taxes and cut over $290 million in wasteful spending. This commitment to holding the line on property taxes has sent a loud and clear message to employers that Nassau County is once again a friendly place to do business. Accordingly, Nassau County now leads the State in job growth, has the lowest unemployment rate and is no longer the highest property-taxed county in the nation.