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Mangano Pressures Democrats to Provide Homeowners Their Tax Refund Checks


Nassau County’s Democratic Legislators are holding up millions of dollars owed to residents in tax refunds, some of which date back 5 years, County Executive Mangano said this week in a letter to homeowners.

“It appears for purely partisan political reasons, nine Democrat County Legislators are threatening to shut down county government and, in doing so, to deny you the property tax refund you are owed,” Mangano wrote in the letter, entitled: “Time Sensitive Information  About Your Tax  Refund.”

“Simply put, they are holding you hostage in a bid to force me to raise property taxes 25% on every homeowner in Nassau County, including you.”

Mangano has said repeatedly that reforming Nassau’s property tax assessment system is a top priority.  He said his administration inherited a broken system that fails to settle tax grievances prior to finalizing the tax roll and that the current system resulted in Nassau County owing over a billion dollars in refunds to home and business owners.

“This is a debt I inherited from the prior administration,” Mangano continued. “While the County Legislature passed my reforms in 2010 to fix this broken system, under the law reforms cannot take effect until 2013. Until then we must still settle the outstanding debt rightfully owed to you without raising property taxes.”

Last year, in collaboration with the Nassau County Interim Finance Authority (NIFA), Mangano set forth a plan to pay off Nassau’s billion dollar debt without hiking property taxes.  The law requires the support of at least 13 County Legislators. Unfortunately, to date it appears only the 10 Republican County Legislators have supported this plan.

“We need the support of at least three additional Democrat County Legislators in order to pay you your money and to stop the Democrats from trying to force a 25% property tax hike on you,” Mangano said.

The County Executive said that Nassau residents have paid some of the highest taxes in the nation due to “partisan politics that never address the solutions needed to fix our government. These political games will only come to an end when residents stand up to demand no more property tax hikes.

“I have fought the special interest groups that influence your legislators and pick your pocket,” Mangano wrote. “I have cut waste and reduced the size of government. Now I am asking for you to stand up to your legislator and demand they pay you your money without raising your real property taxes.

If you have any questions or need assistance contacting a specific County Legislator, please call my office at 516-571-6000 or contact me by downloading the “Nassau Now” Mobile and Web application on your iPad or iPhone.

The letter was signed: Sincerely, Ed.

The County Executive urged residents who are owed tax refunds to contact their local legislator:

Carrie Solages  (516) 571-6203

David Denenberg  (516) 571-6219

Joseph Scannell  (516) 571-6205

Kevan Abrahams (516) 571-6201

Robert Troiano (516) 571-6202

Judi Bosworth (516) 571-6210

Wayne Wink (516) 571-6211

Judith Jacobs (516) 571-6216

Delia DeRiggi-Whitton (516) 571-6218