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Mangano and Bellone Welcome Hud Secretary Donovan to Long Island for Tour of Hurricane-Impacted Communities and to Discuss Community-Focused Redevelopment Efforts


Nassau County Executive Edward P. Mangano and Suffolk County Executive Steven Bellone today welcomed United States Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Secretary Shaun Donovan to Long Island. Secretary Donovan serves as the Obama Administration’s chair of the Hurricane Sandy Rebuilding Task Force and took the opportunity today to meet with local stakeholders, following a tour of storm damaged communities, to discuss the issues facing businesses, housing, infrastructure, health and human welfare Post-Hurricane Sandy.

County Executive Mangano stated, “Secretary Donovan’s pledge to support the County during the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy is critical as the Federal government is our partner in rebuilding Nassau. The County requires assistance in securing $6.6 billion in Federal funds for municipalities that were catastrophically impacted by Hurricane Sandy. Nassau County has made great progress toward recovery, however, major concerns remain. Thousands of residents require housing assistance to rebuild their homes. Seniors, young families and countless numbers of residents are facing financial gaps due to no insurance or underinsurance. Enormous infrastructure repairs must still be made to bridges, roadways and a critical sewage treatment facility that serves Nassau’s 1.3 million residents. With experts predicting a decline sales tax revenues, municipalities will soon face a cash-crunch if proper Federal reimbursements do not trickle down to the State and local governments for costs incurred during storm preparation, cleanup and recovery. I thank President Obama, Governor Cuomo, New York’s Congressional delegation and Secretary Donovan for their leadership in helping Long Islander’s rebuild their lives and our communities.”

“I thank President Obama for tapping Secretary Donovan to serve as chair of the Hurricane Sandy Rebuilding Task Force,” said County Executive Bellone. “Secretary Donavan is the perfect choice as he has familiarity with the New York area as well as particular expertise in sustainable building. Our meeting and tour was very productive and we discussed particular issues relevant to homeowners and businesses in Suffolk and Nassau Counties. I look forward to a continued working relationship as Suffolk County looks to rebuild with the assistance and resources of the Federal government.”

“The Obama Administration is committed to the critical task of recovery in all communities impacted by Hurricane Sandy,” said HUD Secretary Donovan. “To do that, we need a local vision for recovery that supports economic growth and sustainability for decades to come. Together, with the leadership of officials like Nassau County Executive Mangano and Suffolk County Executive Bellone, we will develop a comprehensive plan and will rebuild stronger, smarter and more resiliently.”

Kevin Law, President and CEO of the Long Island Association added, “The Long Island Association thanks HUD Secretary Donovan for coming to our region as we try to recover from Hurricane Sandy. We have been working with County Executives Mangano and Bellone to ensure our communities and small businesses can rebuild stronger and smarter and we cannot do that without federal assistance.”