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Cutting Taxes Ed Mangano Fights Taxes and Saves the Average Family Hundreds of Dollars

Repealed the Home Energy TaxEliminated a 16.5% Property TaxStopped a Fast Food Tax

My administration declared war on taxes, not just by preventing them from going up for three straight years, but by fighting to bring them down. That is why I eliminated a 16.5% property tax hike planned by the prior administration and repealed the home energy tax.

– County Executive Edward P. Mangano

County Executive Ed Mangano believes that high taxes kill jobs. That is why he eliminated a 16.5% property tax planned by the prior administration and stopped a Fast Food Tax dead in its tracks. You are also paying less on your energy bills because Ed Mangano stopped Nassau County’s tax on oil, electric, gas, propane and firewood.

Inheriting the largest deficit in Nassau’s history, County Executive Mangano:

  • Cut $290 million in wasteful spending,
  • Eliminated 1,776 positions; and
  • Implemented public-private partnerships to save over $40 million in bus transportation and jail service costs.

County Executive Mangano knows that we must continue to battle out of control taxes to sustain the quality of life our residents enjoy. That is why he crossed political party lines to support Governor Cuomo is passing a property tax cap.